The canton of Vaud combines lifestyle with a spirit of innovation, tranquility with audacity, tradition with a flair for the avant-garde. The region’s exceptional countryside and quality of life have long been a delight for visitors and inhabitants alike.

There is no time like the present for coming to discover the many different facets of the exceptional canton of Vaud!


The canton of Vaud is a major center of innovation located at the heart of Europe and is one of the most prosperous regions in the world. Science and industry work hand-in-hand courtesy of the presence of universities, research institutes and globally reputed businesses, as well as an ecosystem that is favorable to the development of innovation.


For over a century, the canton of Vaud has been hosting the world of international sport. Every day, crucial decisions are taken regarding the future of world sport. Almost 60 international federations and sporting organizations have set up home in the canton, enabling them to rub shoulders with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), based in Lausanne – the Olympic capital – since 1915.

Every sport-related trade is created, taught and carried out here. The beating heart of sport – playing, administration, implementation and research – and the emotions it generates can be found in Vaud.

International sports federations and organizations have come here to find effective support for their development and enjoy such exclusive advantages as:

• Favorable framework conditions
• Increased visibility
• A unique network
• Specialized resources
• The Olympic way of life


Cheeses, wines, lake fish and over 700 regional specialties come together to make up the incredible culinary richness of the canton of Vaud. Various events fly the flag for the region’s specialties throughout the year.

Welcome to paradise on Earth

The canton of Vaud is here for you to discover, with places to relax, recharge your batteries, delve deep into culture and simply enjoy yourself. From the rolling countryside of Jura to the majestic Alps, the canton is ideally situated in an exceptional natural location brimming with charm. A whole host of cultural attractions make the region a perfect holiday destination as well as a center for artistic inspiration.

The congress centers in the canton of Vaud are at the cutting edge of hospitality and host professionals from around the world in innovative infrastructures, both in its urbans centers and out in the mountains. There are destinations for international congresses, seminars and motivational gatherings in the canton that will meet the demands of professional event organizers.

Welcome to our new residents

20,000 new inhabitants every year call the canton of Vaud home, with over 175 nationalities now represented. The proportion of the population that comes from abroad is over 30%, making Vaud a welcoming region and one of the most cosmopolitan cantons in Switzerland.

Setting up home in a new place is an important moment, full of excitement and hope but also challenges and difficulties. To make this critical stage in life easier, the Office for Integration assists new arrivals in settling in and offers help with various processes such as looking for work, insurance and learning French.


The cantonal administration’s website is available to local inhabitants for all official processes and for consulting information about the canton of Vaud.